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7 inch administrator unit


7 inch administrator unit


  • Power supply: DC12V 1A / POE 24V 
  • Power Consumption: working: 300mA, standby: 100mA 
  • 7” color TFT LCD, capasitive touch panel 
  • Screen definition: 1024X600 pixel 
  • Touch panel GUI menu
  • Interface: RJ45 jack 
  • Wiring: LAN(CAT.5e) 
  • Protocol: TCP/IP, SIP2.0 
  • Video: H264 VGA 
  • Dimension: L380*W256*H60mm 
  • Operating Temperature: 0-55°C 



  1. Aluminum housing with mounting stand; 
  2. Handfree mood/ handset mood, GUI menu with touch panel; 
  3. Based on TCP/IP Ethernet network, CAT5 wiring, easy installation;
  4. Support SIP2.0 protocol (server mood / p2p mood);
  5. Android / IOS app available for remote intercom with server support; 
  6. DC-12V / POE24V, easy wiring;
  7. Support external IP camera stream;
  8. Viewing alarm and intercom notification from indoor phone;
  9. Multiple methods for system configuration: web-server, control server, local menu; 
  10. Central Control server: Remote System configuration, Video intercom log, Alarm dealing and log, Community notification distribution 
  11. Intercom Function: answer call from lobby phone, indoor phone or dial to them. 

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