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Our Skills

Our commission: employ the technology of INTERNET OF THINGS in our R&D and production activities and to provide a complet solution covering video intercom, security protection, access control, home automation to our client at affordable price.

With Internet technology, mobile network, WSN and etc, our products enable our user to monitor and control her/his house anywhere and anytime.  All parts in our system such as video intercom or home automation are not just interlinked with other parts but also independent to each other. That means each part not only can communicate and inter-control each other but also can work an independent system.

Industrial Design











With our rich experience in the field video intercom and home automation in both domestic and overseas markets, we fully understand how important the custom-made service is to our customer.

Let alone normal localization, We are willing to make customization for every project to ensure our solution fix every single project’s requirement soundly, such as new function developement, new system integration and etc.


Localization includes changing menu or manual to local language, menu or even product appearance modification to meet local  aesthetic appreciation or etc.

New Function Development

Develop new function to according to some project’s speciality to help our distributor’s gain competitive edge.

3rd Party Integration

Integration with other wide-used home automation, remote meter or other system enable our client to provide complete solution to their project.

New Product Design

In some market, to develop new product with special function or a complet new appearance is necessary.