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internet of things


All our products and sub-system are linked with each other by internet. Our IP video intercom network is just a video intercom system but also the center of the internet of things.  The Indoor monitor not just can answer call from outdoor station but also is home automaiton and security gateway.

ANDROID & IOS client

With the ANDROID /IOS client, our system enable the user to get control of the video intercom, home automation and security system of his/her house anywhere and anytime.  He /she can answer visitor call in where is far away from his/her house and get real status of his/her house.

Product Categories

Currently all our products are divided into four categories:

system diagram

  • Video Intercom:Indoor monitor, Outdoor Station, Outdoor Camera, Guard Phone and Central PC.
  • Home automation:Smart switch, Dimmer, Curtain switch, AC outlet, IR emitter and etc.
  • Video Surveillance:IP camera and NVR (network video recorder).
  • Curtain Motors:Electric motor for curtain and blind.

Video Surveillance


Home Automation


Video Intercom


Curtain Motors

motorized curtain